Everyday Stress Relief

BrainMD SKU: 857568003109
BrainMD - Everyday Stress Relief - OurKidsASD.com -
BrainMD - Everyday Stress Relief - OurKidsASD.com -
BrainMD - Everyday Stress Relief - OurKidsASD.com -
BrainMD - Everyday Stress Relief - OurKidsASD.com -

Everyday Stress Relief

BrainMD SKU: 857568003109
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Keeping up with a busy schedule can leave you feeling stressed out and exhausted, like you’ve hit the wall. A premier stress-reducing supplement, Everyday Stress Relief harnesses the power of five natural ingredients to soothe your frazzled nerves.

Feeling Burnt Out?

Situational stress can drain you of your resources, resilience, and personality.

For effective stress relief, there are two steps you need to take: 1.) immediately calm your brain and 2.) gradually replenish the nutrients you’re missing so you can feel like yourself again – even in challenging times. 

That’s exactly what Everyday Stress Relief does.

Chill Out Your Brain

To get your brain off the hamster wheel, you need to slow your brain waves. There are five different kinds of brain waves. Alpha waves are in the sweet spot; they aren’t as slow as the waves associated with sleep and aren’t as fast as those related to acute stress.

That’s where l-theanine comes in. This amino acid is clinically shown to promote alpha wave production in the brain. And it provides stress relief quickly, in as little as 45 minutes.

Bounce Back From Burnout

Rebuild your inner strength with the help of herbs and nutrients that have been clinically shown to help buffer against occasional stress.

  • Holy Basil Extract is an adaptogen (an herb that helps the body adapt to stress) that has long been revered in India and supports a calm mood.
  • Relora®, a proprietary adaptogenic blend of magnolia and philodendron, reduces the stress hormone cortisol and improves mood.
  • Taurine, an amino acid, is required by the adrenal glands – crucial for coping with stress.*
  • Magnesium is a mineral with multiple brain benefits, including greater calm, enhanced mood, improved focus, and better sleep.

Calm, Not Tired

Vitamins, minerals, herbs, and nutraceuticals come in a variety of different forms that can dramatically affect their efficacy. We only include the highest-quality, most bioavailable forms of ingredients.

  • Sharp PS® tphosphatidylserine, which retains its potency better than regular PS.
  • Acetyl-l-carnitine HCl, which easily crosses the blood-brain barrier, unlike standard L-carnitine.
  • PureLeaf® ginkgo biloba extract, which undergoes rigorous tests to ensure it’s free from adulterants found in most ginkgo extracts.

Clinically Researched Benefits

As a company firmly rooted in science, we use only clinically researched ingredients that create real results. Here are some of the benefits of our stress-reducing supplement Everyday Stress Relief:

  • Calm without the drowsiness*
  • A more positive mood*
  • Sharper mental focus*
  • Healthy adrenal hormone and cortisol levels*
  • Renewed energy levels*
Serving Size:


Take 4 capsules daily after food, or as recommended by a nutritionally informed physician.

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