Biomuve 90 capsules

Houston Enzymes SKU: HN008-90
Houston Enzymes - Biomuve 90 capsules - -
Houston Enzymes - Biomuve 90 capsules - -

Biomuve 90 capsules

Houston Enzymes SKU: HN008-90
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  • Combines enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotic botanicals in a unique blend.
  • Maintains regularity in the digestive tract.
  • Designed to support a healthy gut microbiome.
  • Includes 2 billion CFU of probiotics per serving.
  • Get moving with Biomuve's NEW FORMULA! Now in a 90 capsule count bottle.†


Quick Facts about Biomuve
Biomuve® is a combination of xylanase enzyme, probiotic bacteria (2 billion CFU total), and a prebiotic botanical that promotes regularity and healthy gut bacteria.†  

Shipping and Storing Biomuve NEW 90 count capsule version
The new formula for Biomuve (sold as 90 count capsules/45 doses) does NOT need to be refrigerated. No ice packs are needed for shipping. Once you receive Biomuve, you do NOT need to refrigerate it—the probiotics in Biomuve are shelf stable.

More Details about Biomuve
Biomuve contains Actazin®, an extract from Kiwi fruit which is a natural source of prebiotics, fiber and enzymes. Actazin
® provides prebiotics to nurture the probiotic bacteria provided by Biomuve. 

Xylanase is added to Biomuve as an enzyme that breaks down hemicellulose and non-starch polysaccharides to release nutrients from foods with a high fiber content. This may decrease the amount of digestive discomfort associated with vegetables, grains, and legumes. 

Biomuve includes DE111®, which is a probiotic blend of Bacillus subtilis which may help support regularity in the digestive tract.†

The NEW Biomuve (90 count bottle, Item No. HN008-90) no longer uses a timed-release capsule. You may open the capsule for the Biomuve 90 count bottles.

If you have the previous formula of Biomuve, which came in 120 capsules (Item No. HN008-120), it uses a timed-release capsule which should not be opened.

Serving Size:

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