Tips for getting kids to take their supplements

Kirkman has put together a handy guide of tips for getting your child to take their supplements.

Our Most Frequently Asked Question:

How Do We Get Them To Take It?

Getting your child to take nutritional supplements, especially if your special needs child only eats spaghetti or french fries, can be difficult. Our most frequently asked question at Kirkman® is, "How do you get your children to take the supplements that they need. Some must take many supplements at once and/or many times during the day?" This can pose further challenges. Over the years, we developed some helpful hints to make it easier to give your child supplements. We hope these suggestions help.

Supplements may be:

  • mixed with chocolate syrup or cocoa
  • mixed with peanut, cashew, or almond butter
  • mixed in jelly
  • mixed in fruit juice (orange, apple, lemonade, grape, pear)
  • mixed in baby food
  • mixed in ketchup
  • mixed with spaghetti sauce after it has been cooked
  • used in yogurt, pudding, or sorbet
  • used to make a fruit smoothie or protein drink (rice or soy)
  • used in popsicles (vitamins are especially good to add)
  • used in rice crispy treats
  • sprinkled on cooked scrambled eggs
  • sprinkled on products that are not heat sensitive
  • liquid supplements can be hidden in other liquid drinks