Bifido Complex

Kirkman SKU: 119
Kirkman Labs - Bifido Complex - -
Kirkman Labs - Bifido Complex - -
Kirkman Labs - Bifido Complex - -

Bifido Complex

Kirkman SKU: 119
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FOR COMPREHENSIVE REPLACEMENT OF THE BIFIDOBACTERIUM STRAINS B. lactis/bifidum, B. infantis, B. longum Bifido Complex™ combines three of the most predominant strains of the Bifidobacterium family of lactic acid bacteria. These friendly flora are recognized to reside in the mucosal lining of the last part of the small intestine and are the predominant strains found to colonize the large intestine (colon). Bifido Complex™ provides supplementation of these health promoting friendly flora to support intestinal health and functioning. A healthy gastrointestinal tract contains a balance of "friendly" as well as "unfriendly" strains of bacteria and yeast. To maintain good intestinal health, it is important to maintain optimal conditions in the colon. It may be necessary to replenish the good Bifido bacterial strains. There are numerous factors that contribute to and result in these friendly Bifidobacterium strains being destroyed or depleted, which includes: Use of Broad-spectrum antibiotics Food allergies/sensitivities Environmental toxins/chemicals Improper diet or nutrient deficiencies Balance of intestinal flora Exposure to numerous medications FUNCTIONS OF BIFIDOBACTERIUM The Bifidobacterium family of probiotics perform several important functions in the intestinal tract including the production of lactic and acetic acids which increase the acidity of the intestines. A healthy intestinal tract can be supported when there are sufficient quantities of these health-promoting friendly flora residing in the colon.
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