Buffered Magnesium Bisglycinate “Sweet” (Bio-Max Series)

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Buffered Magnesium Bisglycinate “Sweet” (Bio-Max Series)


Kirkman\'s Magnesium Bisglycinate “Sweet” Powder

Magnesium Bisglycinate is not a good tasting chemical so compliance has been difficult for some parents especially if their child can\'t swallow capsules. Kirkman has addressed that problem. Our powder is pure Albion Magnesium Bisglycinate sweetened with a small amount of stevia, and buffered with citric and adipic acid. The product can be dissolved in fruit juices with a resulting palatable liquid. Little bad taste is evident so compliance is easy. It can even be dissolved in water with only a slight aftertaste. Each 1/2 teaspoon (1 ½ gram) supplies 997 mg. of magnesium bisglycinate which is equivalent to 179 mg. of elemental magnesium.


The use and effectiveness of magnesium supplementation is well documented. Magnesium is an essential mineral that is involved in many body functions as well as being a constituent of bones and teeth. It is essential for element of cellular metabolism and is an enzyme activator. Other body actions include:

Magnesium relaxes nerve impulses and muscle contractions
Magnesium promotes relaxation and in the process may aid in restful
Signs and symptoms of magnesium deficiency or inadequacy can include fatigue, mental confusion, heart disturbances, irritability, weakness, muscle spasms, loss of appetite, insomnia or a feeling of weakness. The Physician\'s Desk Reference for Nutritional Supplements states that some recent data of inpatient and outpatient populations, suggest that magnesium deficits may exist in from 12% to 40% of individuals.

Magnesium supplements usually have their beginning as minerals which have been influenced by our environment. For that reason, the purity of magnesium raw materials is important. Magnesium, like calcium, can have undesirable impurities present. The responsibility to assure the absence of lead and other heavy metals falls on the manufacturer. Kirkman uses only the purest forms of magnesium which have been tested for heavy metal content as well as other impurities.

There are many different forms of magnesium and the Physician\'s Desk Reference for Nutritional Supplements states that there is no compelling data indicating absorption differences. There are reported differences in how different forms affect the gastrointestinal tract, however. Below are some guidelines, though individual results may vary and should be discussed with your physician before administration.

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Buffered Magnesium Bisglycinate “Sweet” (Bio-Max Series)
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